A Crash Course on CoPromote as a Marketing Technique

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try here CoPromote, formerly known as Headliner.fm, is a site where users can share and promote each other’s content to help effectively reach and engage new social audiences on networks like Facebook and Twitter.  Originally designed for musicians, the company decided to begin rebranding as CoPromote as Founder and CEO, Mike More, felt their old title was confusing and limited its audience.

Continuing with musicians and also expanding its user base to a variety of creators and marketing companies like bloggers, app developers, and small businesses, CoPromote is an easy way for brands to get their content to reach members that will be likely to share that content.  You are also provided daily metrics for every promotion , providing you with real-time results like who is sharing your content and how engaged your content is.

While other services, such as Klout, provide similar services, CoPromote is an organic way to engage new audiences with your great content.  CoPromote uses a virtual currency, Karma Cash, to keep the system running.  You receive this cash for promoting other content and in turn use this to promote your own.

Proscalpin without prescriptions Here’s how it works:

1. Choose a post you want others on CoPromote to share.

2. CoPromote matches you with the correct audience members who are likely to share your post with their followers.

3. Reach more and new customers.

4. Build your network by sharing other posts to help expand the reach of your own.

5. See your results: More shares and more retweets, from actual people.

To learn more about CoPromote, click here.

Sara is one of our Content and Community Associates at [L]earned Media. Sara is a recent graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with dual degrees in Integrative Arts and Advertising. She comes to [L]earned Media with both design and advertising experience and to pursue interests in the social, web-based relationships that brands and consumers share.

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