A Dumb Startup Idea Becomes One of the Hottest Apps in the App Store

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http://contactvisits.org/board-of-directors-and-board-members/ Do you ever struggle for a short and easy way to get in touch with friends and family? Well, there is a man who came up with a crazy way to do this, and no, the article that follows is not a joke.

buy Divalproex online Moshe Hogeg, CEO and founder of Mobli, came up with the startup idea, Yo.  Hogeg presented to Arbel, an engineer at Mobli, the idea of an app with big buttons that you would press to let another person know they were needed. The message that would be sent would simply be: “Yo.” After much initial hesitation from Arbel at this seemingly dumb idea, he finally caved.

The app engineered by Arbel was simple with no log in or icon.  The only function of the app was to send the prewritten text, “Yo.”  Arbel and Hogeg eventually presented the completed idea to Apple. The app was first rejected, but with much fighting by Arbel and Hogeg, it was finally published.

The app gained popularity fast, having 20,000 users after only one month. Soon after, Yo further exploded and gained worldwide attention. Yo has been offered millions of dollars by investors, and is currently within the top 20 apps of the App Store.

If you are reading this article and are very confused…you are not alone. It is hard to imagine such a simple idea gaining the amount of popularity that Yo did. Clearly, anything is possible!

To learn more about “Yo,” click here.

Jenna is a summer associate at [L]earned Media. She is a rising sophomore at Tulane University studying in the field of communications.

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