A Look Into The Future of Digital Advertising

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buy viagra next day delivery uk If you are wondering what the most popular trend in online advertising is right now, the answer is native advertising. Native advertising is currently used by several prominent companies. The term “native advertising” can be confusing at first glance, and a lot of companies claiming to be implementing these types of ads are not exactly clear on the definition!

watch Native advertising is customized in a way that it looks just like any other content on the publisher’s website. In other words, it looks as though it is built in and part of the site, with the sponsorship name in small print.  Further, when a consumer clicks on this ad, it doesn’t direct them to a completely different site. The consumer will get the same action by clicking the native advertisement as they would if they clicked on any other content. This new trend seems to be making banner ads a thing of the past!

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Katie is a Content & Community Manager at [L]earned Media. Before joining, Katie led social media and community management for real estate start-up, RetailMLS.com. Katie graduated from Tufts University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Art History.

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