A New Snapchat Feature Brands (And Consumers) Will Love

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http://habitationlacombe.com/wp-content/cache/et/666/et-core-unified-15332093924502.min.css Snapchat is venturing out into the media and advertising world with their brand new feature called viagra buy online usa Discover. Snapchat Discover allows users to see content from publishers, Snapchat’s editorial staff and celebrities.

The Discover page is a dynamically-generated page that displays momentary content and ads. Media partners include news, entertainment and even educational networks such as buy Lyrica australia CNN, ESPN and National Geographic.

Discover is huge for Snapchat and content marketers, alike. Snapchat is taking decisive action toward monetizing their social network while also giving brands another popular medium for content and exposure in the marketplace. That’s a win-win, if we ever heard one.

Snapchat has hinted toward this development for some time. The app began as a goofy, fairly anonymous friendship-based network in September of 2011. It then introduced My Story in October of 2013. Our Story, was introduced in June, 2014 to give Snapchat an idea of how users would respond to content from people outside of their friend group.  Shortly after Our Story, Snapchat launched its own mobile payment feature called Snapcash. Finances entered the mix, so it was only a matter of time before brands got involved, as well.

Now we’ll wait and see how users respond to Discover, and the impact it makes on the advertising world. Meanwhile, we can follow Ryan Seacrest and get a glance at what goes on backstage.

Activate your own Discover feature, and learn more about it in the full TechCrunch article here. Don’t miss Snapchat’s Discover video here!

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