A Startup to Employ Autistic High Functioning Individuals

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visit this web-site Have startups been missing out on a pool of potential employees that has been waiting to be utilized for as long as we can remember? Software testing firm ULTRA Testing has found their talent and it was with those that are within the Autism spectrum. ULTRA Testing was created to effectively employ people on the Autism spectrum. It accommodates their conditions or needs. Employees are in charge of debugging software and working on communication skills as well.

The company was founded by two former MIT roommates, Rajesh Anandan and Art Shectman, who believe that the talent that their employees possess has been ignored. Companies are missing out because they overlook or don’t know where to look for such skills, and ULTRA Testing believes they’ve tapped into their gold mine. Those that are Autistic have “heightened abilities in pattern recognition and logical reasoning.” Business Insider writes, “People with autism and Asperger’s tend to engage in repetitive behaviours that others might consider boring, which allows them to maintain focus as they test whether a given piece of software works on different devices, operating systems, and web browsers — over, and over, and over again.” A welcoming environment, indeed.

To read more from the founders themselves, click here.


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