A Startup to Make Your Watch Smarter While Maintaining Style

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get modafinil prescription online click this site Most individuals are hesitant to replace their everyday watch with a large, not-so-trendy Smartwatch; Kiwi Wearables, however, has made it possible to maintain style by transforming your everyday watch into a smart watch.

Glance is a Kiwi Wearable device designed to fit comfortably beneath your existing watch. Glance can do everything from answering text messages, to controlling your computer and TV and can even locate a lost phone.  A small, one-line display gives you a fast and easy way to view your incoming messages, callers, and various other sources of information. The device is designed to make your life easier; it saves you the trouble of retrieving your cell phone when you may be on the go, or in need of easy access to information. When in a meeting, a class, or working out, a simple Glance at your watch will provide you with all of the information you may need.

Currently, Glance is working with iOS and Android, with hopes to soon expand. This wearable, and fashionable technology may soon throw the Smartwatch under the bus, as it is both simpler in design and less expensive. While a Smartwatch is around $200, Glance begins at much lower price of $70.

To learn more about Glance, click here.

Jenna is a summer associate at [L]earned Media. She is a rising sophomore at Tulane University studying in the field of communications.

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