A Startup’s Guide to Internal Communication

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CEO of URX, John Milinovich, attributes much of the startup’s success to focuses on strong in-office communication and relationships.  URX, focusing on deeplinking for mobile applications, has dealt with fast growth and has a strong system in place to make sure this growth doesn’t end up hindering their future success.  Check out these four ideas on how to keep communication flowing:

1. cheap generic prednisone explanation Contrarian Office Hours: John and his co-founders have made it a priority to hire those that are willing to keep them on their toes.  They choose employees that are willing to criticize work and also take criticism well.  Every Friday, the office sets aside one hour for all to discuss whatever issues or criticisms they have.  The key here is to actually do something about the feedback.

2. Tech Talks: Several times a week, the entire team is invited to participate in what URX calls, Tech Talks.  Another member of the team steps up as teacher for the day and gives a lesson about anything related to a project or a topic that they find interesting.  They are learning for knowledge’s sake and also to help educate those around them to then create better work in the end.

3. A Commitment to 1:1s: Milinovich says, “My most imporant job is to be a feedback loop – a feedback loop between our product and the market, and feedback loop for the team.  This is how we’ll build the right culture to get us where we’re going as fast as possible.”  While it is somewhat of a puzzle scheduling them all in, Milinovich ensures that he has a one-on-one with every single team member bi-weekly.

4. Document All The Things: Milinovich relies heavily on intense internal documentation.  While there is a standard for what is actually posted, UPX’s wiki has numerous documents live where one can access them, comment and edit.  It helps new employees to understand where the company has been, and where they are going.

To find out more about Milinovich’s process in more detial, click here!

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