Apple Watch to Revolutionize Jewelry

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where to buy Clomiphene to get pregnant best place to buy prednisone Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, announced on Tuesday that the Apple Watch and the iPhone 6 are the newest additions to the Apple family. While it is exciting that the newest addition of the iPhone is available, more talk is about the watch. The watch is basically an additional iPhone that you can have on your wrist, portrayed as their “most personal device yet.” We say iPhone, as opposed to any other phone, because the Apple Watch can only be paired with an iPhone (the oldest version it can be paired with is the iPhone 5). Smooth move Apple, finding more ways to monopolize and sell all their products to customers in one sitting. However, in their defense, as someone who owns Apple products, it does make life much easier to have products created by the same company.

When looking at the demo video, you realize how unique this product is. First, it fulfills basic tasks that a watch should have: telling time in an easy manor. You are given the option to choose between analog and digital, with different designs for each format, and it keeps track of time within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time. Second, the watch can answer phone calls, play music, display pictures, and more. It also has a physical component to it, meaning that if you get a message, for example, your watch will vibrate to notify you.

While the watch seems to be the future for both Apple and jewelry, Cook neglected to discuss the healthcare advantages of the Watch. According to Forbes, Apple’s plan to incorporate healthcare into the watch’s primary use was lacking at the release. He focused more on superficial features that make the Apple Watch unique in the fitness world.

According to The Verge, the Apple Watch tracks your heart rate, and then is separated into three categories: move, exercise, and stand. The three categories monitor your daily movement in order to make sure you are staying healthy and alert during the day. While there are smart watches that can do this, not all smart watches can monitor these levels in the sophisticated manor that the Apple Watch will be able to do, with the ability to monitor heart rate being the most significant and unique addition.

Also, U2 was at the release, and failed to deliver the excitement that Cook had anticipated. Bob Lefsetz, for example, wrote about how people at the release were focused more on the tech aspects and the release of new Apple products, and not as much about U2 performing. However, everyone will agree that getting a free U2 album in your iTunes is pretty awesome.

Apple has taken a new, massive step into the world of wearing technology, with the anticipated positive response from its customers.

Ben Kaufman is a Content & Community Associate at [L]earned Media.

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