Be In The Know: Twitter Stats Everyone Needs

By  |  0 Comments Almost all business ventures require marketing strategy and knowledge before they can reach success. Without knowing the statistics, data, and details about your audience, you may end up marketing your company or product with the wrong technique. In other words, failure.

It’s important to understand the background of the platforms you will be putting your content out on to maximize your outreach, thus getting your time and money’s worth. In the article, “15 Twitter Statistics You Probably Don’t Know, But Should,” we learned the 15 most important stats to know for a company’s social media strategy.

The top 5 statistics included the importance of visual aids, video aids, captivating hashtags, using quotation marks, and showing that you’re excited. With visual aids, “tweets with images get 150% more retweets” and with video aids, “tweets with videos get 28% more retweets.” For captivating hashtags, “tweets with one or more hashtags are 55% more likely to be retweeted than those without.” As for quotations, “tweets with quotation marks are 30% more likely to be retweeted than those without”, and to display excitement, “tweets with exclamation points get more retweets per follower than those without.”


Trying to get more traffic and engagement? Read the rest of the stats you don’t know, but should know right here.

Kara is a Summer Associate at [L]earned Media. She is in her third year at Syracuse University studying Communications, but is an original New York City girl. Kara has had extensive training in social media marketing and plans to pursue journalism, as well as her passion for acting.

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