Blue Ribbon Bags Now Available on Sabre Red App Centre

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buy online viagra in india cash on delivery A few years ago, my family and I went on a trip to Hawaii for my Dad’s 50th birthday. When we landed, we went over to the Baggage Claim to discover that our luggage was nowhere to be found. My family and I were extremely maddened by the carelessness of the airline, and frustrated by their lack of help.

According to The Air Transport World’s 2013 Baggage Report, 21 million bags were mishandled last year.  Blue Ribbon Bags, the leading baggage insurance company, helps the people who checked those 21 million bags.

Blue Ribbon Bags started its business a year ago in New York with the goal of providing insurance for people’s lost luggage. Their mission statement is “Travel more, worry less.”

The way it works is simple. You pay Blue Ribbon Bags $5 for each bag, and if your bag gets lost for 4 days due to airline carelessness, they will pay you $1,000 for each lost bag. Pretty solid deal, right?

After one year, they have made significant expansion. According to the Sabre website, Blue Ribbon Bags has just launched its Red App on the Sabre Red App Center. Travel Leaders Corporate has been using this app for its agents, making sure Blue Ribbon Bags revolutionizes the way people travel. Because of their app, travel agencies have earned 20% more in sales commission!

Blue Ribbon Bags is clearly proving to be a lifesaver for travelers around the country. As someone who loves to travel but is still neurotic from that one experience, this is going to be a weight lifted off my shoulders for future trips.

Whether your planning a big trip or a small excursion, check out their website to ease your worries for your next flight.

Ben Kaufman is a Content & Community Associate at [L]earned Media.

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