Budstraps to Revolutionize the Way People Will Use Headphones

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Have you ever been running with headphones, and accidentally knock them out of your ear, jeopardizing your work out? What about getting the chord tangled? Yeah, we’re familiar with these EARitating issues ;).

Thankfully, buy provigil pills Bill Woodward has solved these problems!

Introducing read this Budstraps, a clever way of ensuring your earbuds will stay close, and not go flying off anywhere, unexpectedly. Similar to Croakies, the Budstrap lies on the back of your neck and provides two hooks at the end, which connects to the earbuds.

According to Budstraps’ website, Bill Woodward started this company as a way to solve the struggles he had with his earbuds. He was fed up with the common issues, and took matters into his own hands. Woodward based his idea on the strap of his safety glasses, which are similar to the typical design of Croakies. With help from his friends, Budstraps became a success that accomplishes Woodward’s original needs, and even more.

In the event that your earbuds accidentally get knocked out (it will happen), Budstrap is connected to them, and the earbud won’t go anywhere. Additionally, the earbuds can’t get tangled because the Budstrap is connected to both straps. With that, if you want to have your earbuds at easy access, Budstraps keeps your earbuds around your neck, not allowing them to get all gross in your pocket.

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Ben Kaufman is a Content & Community Associate at [L]earned Media.

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