Calling all Startups: Tips and Tricks for Growth Hacking

By  |  0 Comments no prescription Seroquel Growth hacking, while often misunderstood, is an integral part of the marketing ecosystem and is especially important for startups.  In simple terms, growth hacking refers to a marketing technique developed by startups that uses innovative and low-cost methods to generate buzz and engagement that could eventually lead to sales or awareness.  Social media and viral tactics are just some of the techniques under the growth hacking umbrella.

Jon Yongfook, founder at Beatrix and author of Growth Hacking Handbook, created a deck to share his arsenal full of tips and tricks for growth hacking.

Below are just some of the many tactics Yongfook employs:

1. Create sharable content.

2. Utilize forced virality.

3. Advertise to people who have already visited your site.

4. Take part in incentivised partnerships.

5. Find the AHA! moment.

To learn more about Yongook’s growth hacking tactics, click here.



Sara is one of our Content and Community Associates at [L]earned Media. Sara is a recent graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with dual degrees in Integrative Arts and Advertising. She comes to [L]earned Media with both design and advertising experience and to pursue interests in the social, web-based relationships that brands and consumers share.

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