Content Marketers Need to Get With These CES Trends or Fall Behind

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Change is upon us – especially in the tech industry. In fact, it’s far more frequent than we can imagine.

Innovations like the  online viagra und cialis kaufen günstig self-driving car, the smart watch, and even the latest  buy lasix in uk ceiling fan are emerging by the masses at the annual CES – the consumer electronics show located in Las Vegas that had over 170,000 attendees marveling at over 3,000 gadgets this year.

So, how will this affect content marketing? Let’s take a look at the top three trends surrounding CES:


One of the most prominent trends at the CES was the “The Internet of Things.” What exactly is IoT? Basically, it reflects the network of internet-enabled devices that constantly communicates data to enhance our lives. One example is Wink. This app enables you to connect to and monitor the usage of your thermostat, lights and home locks. There aren’t solely smart cars or smart watches, anymore. There are now “smart homes,” too.

Innovators are asking themselves how they can connect two separate products that provide utility to people, and they’re gathering consumer information to discover what’s worth focusing on.


We’ve heard about them before, so why the recent hype? According to Wired, wearables are becoming more fashionable. Smart watches, jewelery and glasses have all improved in utility and aesthetic.

The concept of the IoT continues to infiltrate wearable devices. Content marketers should expect to continue relaying data on wearables and looking for connections to the IoT because this platform will propel content marketing to the next level.


If you are not familiar with Dish Network’s Sling TV, then here’s your chance. This $20-monthly streaming service has the potential to cut cable cords from our daily lives.

The New York Times says that the service will cost about one-fifth of your average cable package. You would still get key sports, news and family channels, but without a contract.

Services like this will have major implications on marketing. As TV ads decrease in value, web and mobile ads will rise significantly.

Overall, the impact of the IoT, wearables and TV packages like Sling TV should be closely watched in the coming months. As our devices become more connected everywhere, content marketers must be sure to stay connected to the major developments and opportunities that come with it.

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