Content Marketing: Does it Actually Work?

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webpage look these up While content marketing seems to be all the rage recently, some wonder whether it is a new and innovative concept, or just an old idea wearing a new hat.  Content marketing is essentially a marketing technique where brands create and post relevant content with the end goal being to change or amplify consumer behavior.  A key factor of this concept is breaking through the clutter to act as communication between business and consumer without actually trying to sell them anything.  Instead, you are trying to engage and inform your consumers in hopes that it will eventually lead to more sales.

A study by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), provided many statistics to fall on either side of the argument.  This contradicting material provides for differing strategies among the world’s top marketers and agencies.  For example, while 74% of those surveyed believe that content marketing alters how businesses and consumers interact, 65% believe that marketers have not yet adopted to this shift.  Rupert Ellwood, head of Marketing Communications at Waitrose, says “You can’t create a piece of content and carve it up for different channels anymore.  Content has to be made for each channel specifically, which is something we will definitely be investing more in.”

According to Clare Hill, managing director of the Content Marketing Association,  She says. “Owned media is now the most important channel within the media landscape, with marketing spend migrating to it from channels such as print advertising. This is a significant change for the industry and affects both how brands plan and carry out their campaigns and how they engage with consumers.”  In other words, content marketing is pulling money from other areas of a company’s marketing budget and certainly affects the way businesses try to reach consumers.  The next big step will be to secure a means to track the effectiveness of these types of campaigns.  Much as social media does not have deep routes in tracking just yet, content marketing doesn’t either.

While there are numerous opinions on the matter, it seems as though content marketing budgets will be increasing in the future.  To learn more about the role that content marketing plays in the marketing mix, click here.

Sara is one of our Content and Community Associates at [L]earned Media. Sara is a recent graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with dual degrees in Integrative Arts and Advertising. She comes to [L]earned Media with both design and advertising experience and to pursue interests in the social, web-based relationships that brands and consumers share.

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