Deliver Your Personal Messages Through Stand-ins Via Startup Somebody

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find out here now Ever need to break up with someone, but you’re too afraid to say it to their face?  Or want to tell someone you’re sorry, but can’t find the words to do it in person? Well, we know of the perfect app to help you with all your needs.

Visit This Link Featuring Somebody app, a startup messaging service created by Miranda July that allows you to send messages to your friends, co-workers, lovers, etc. by using stand-ins (think strangers). Confused? Well watch this video and everything will be cleared up.

Got it? Good! To use the app is simple- all you have to do is create a hotspot with the people around you (home, work, school, etc.), invite them to join the app, and then start sending messages. Already formed hotspots include:

  • The Venice Film Festival
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • The New Museum
  • Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
  • Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
  • The Walker Art Center
  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts
  • Museo Jumex

What are you waiting for? Start sending messages today and meet new people around you. (And maybe get one or two laughs with it!)

Side note: Somebody was created in partnership with fashion house Miu Miu as a “far-reaching public art project” that allows strangers to connect and let their inner actor/actress shine. The app and film debuted on August 28th and will continue to roll-out in museums around the world.


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