DiGiorno’s Marketing Mishap – Whoops!

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This week, Lamictal without prescriptions http://rightbraineducation.co/2015/03/a-day-at-the-office/ DiGiorno made an unfortunate Twitter taboo.

After the release of a video showing Ravens’ Ray Rice abusing his recent fiancee, Janay Palmer, women flocked to Twitter to express similar stories. Palmer’s supporters created the hashtag #WhyIStayed to exemplify to critics the difficulty of getting out of abusive relationships.

While the trending hashtag was on DiGiorno’s radar, the reason for it was not. They, instead, used the hashtag to promote their pizza.


Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 6.51.53 PM


Almost immediately after, the brand recognized its error (with the help of their enraged Twitter Followers), and took it upon themselves to apologize to almost every single person that expressed resentment. The person responsible admitted, “it was late and [he] got sloppy.”

While the response from the brand was mature and responsible (mistakes happen!), this should serve as a lesson to all brands that unless you have a 24/7 comm management team, let your social team go home and sleep!

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