Encore Fitness Offers Unique Personalized Workout Convenient to Silicon-Alley

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We understand that getting into a workout routine is difficult. Especially when you are working long hours, or trying to start your own company. It’s difficult to find the time to exercise when there are a million other things you need to be doing.

Well, we’ve got the place for you to blow off some steam.

Meet Damien Bourbeau and Robert Lankard, the founders of Encore Fitness, a private personalized training studio located in New York City. Their goal is to create an individualized program to challenge their clients so they can achieve a higher level of fitness.

Encore Fitness has a great location in the heart of Silicon Alley, and is led by two entrepreneurs who truly know the importance of fitness. The two clearly have the knowledge and experience to help you step up your workout game.

As two people who started their own company, Damien and Robert understand how difficult it is. They are providing a getaway for people to help their clients get in better shape and what could be more convenient than Union Square!

Contact them today, visit their website, and get your personal training regimen started!

Ben Kaufman is a Content & Community Associate at [L]earned Media.

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