Endeavor Launches World’s Largest Entrepreneurial Network

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you can try here sildenafil priligy cheap One of the world’s largest online entrepreneurial networks has been launched on the web. At NYC Tech Map, you will find data from a series of studies conducted by Endeavor Insight on the rapid growth of NYC’s IT industry. So far, their reports illustrate three material findings.

1. New York is clearly proving to be one of the world’s largest tech hubs. From 2003-2013, for example, venture funding for NYC tech companies grew by 240%, inducing the creation of 53,000 jobs across the 2,206 companies that were founded.

2.  The notion that young, technical experts, who studied in NYC are the primary founders of tech companies is a MYTH. In contrast, NYC Tech Map shows that roughly 90% of these founders hailed from universities outside of the city, and their average age was 31 when starting their companies.

3. There are significant connections between successful, established founders and new entrepreneurs. 22% of top-performing companies came from those who are connected to other top-performing companies, compared to only 10% from those who aren’t as connected. Reason being that top-performing tech entrepreneurs are more likely to start, mentor, invest and inspire new companies, so reaching out to these entrepreneurs is beneficial to growing your business.

Endeavor Insight, the group responsible for these findings and creating the NYC Tech Map, is the research branch of Endeavor, an organization focused on developing high-impact entrepreneurs all over the world. The research team seeks to understand how these high-impact entrepreneurs affect job creation and economic growth while additionally providing a database where the entrepreneurs can source information.

These are just a few of the interesting highlights that NYC Tech Map brings to focus. Endeavor Insight will continue adding new findings in the tech sector. Check out their site, and view some of the maps that are available.

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