Facebook Offers Marketers New Metric to Track Sales

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check my source buy mail order Maxalt Facebook has already been measuring cross-device conversions, but now in an attempt to prove mobile ads’ worth, they are sharing this information with marketing professionals. Complete transparency in ad to sales conversions is extremely important for advertisers to decide exactly where their Facebook budgets should go.

There has been a misconception that leads are less likely to translate to sales via mobile devices, and Facebook feared this would lead to decreased mobile ad sales. The goal with releasing this new conversion is to show how powerful these mobile ads can truly be.  In the past, advertisers were able to track conversions, but now these metrics will be broken down by device.  In other words, this means that Facebook can now differentiate between mobile ads that lead to desktop sales and desktop ads that lead to in mobile purchases.

Whether or not advertisers still feel that mobile ads do not have a large impact on sales, they are acting otherwise.  Facebook, now mainly a mobile company, released that 62% of its ad revenue came from mobile ads in the second quarter.  With about 80% of its user base being mobile, it seems like mobile ads may be the way to go. We’ll have to check out this new cross-device conversion to find out…

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