Facebook Releases Slingshot to Go Up Against Snapchat

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http://craigharline.com/current-and-future-projects/ In January, Facebook promised investors that more standalone apps were on the way, and have delivered on this promise with the news reader app, Paper, and their newly released app last week. Slingshot, Facebook’s version of Snapchat, was just released for the second time.  The first release was accidental and was quickly removed from the app store.

can you buy clomid online in australia While Slingshot is very similar to Snapchat, there are still unique features that design lead, Joey Flynn, feels encourage sharing among users.  Photo and video length has now been increased to up to 15 seconds, and users can view images for whatever length of time they desire.  These photos and videos can only be seen once on a users phone, but users can screenshot images without notifying the sender.  The caveat to all of this is that to unlock received messages, you must first send an image or video back in return.  Slingshot believes this will encourage sharing easily without pressure.

source Many are worried about what this means for user security.  While Slingshot is a standalone app and users do not necessarily need a Facebook account, many of the privacy issues that come along with Facebook will follow in Slingshot’s future.  Slingshot’s product manager, Will Ruben, assured users that once a message is viewed and deleted, it will follow a 7-day grace period before it is completely wiped from their servers.  It also follows a 30-day model, where unopened messages will be considered read after 30 days.

Slingshot is now available for both iOS and Android users.  To find out more about Facebook’s Slingshot, click here.

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