Google’s New App Primer Offers Advice For Startups

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online purchase Quetiapine Going Here Are you thinking about starting your own company? Or do you own a startup and need more information about the fundamentals of marketing? Well, Google has what you need.

Introducing Primer, Google’s new iPhone app aimed at teaching startups the fundamentals they need. According to Tech Crunch, the app complements the Google Primer website to further explain how Google’s mini-marketing lessons overlaps with their overall agenda.

The goal of Primer is to offer marketers the information they need to run a startup. The app offers straightforward marketing lessons, case studies, and quizzes to teach “big picture” strategy. According to Tech Crunch, the content for the app is developed between Google and industry experts.

The app provides information in three different sections: Content Marketing, PR and Media, and Search Advertising. Each section has four lessons, which takes no more than five minutes each to complete. The app also works offline, which means you can read lessons on the subway, a flight, or anywhere else that does not have good reception.

While this app is in the pilot stages, it has already gotten good reviews on their app store website. The reviews compliment how easy it is to use and how helpful the content is. After downloading the app myself, I could not agree more. The app is incredibly easy to navigate and provides practical information for its audience.

Primer is available at the Google Apps Store, and will be available for Android soon. Check it out and test your knowledge!

Ben Kaufman is a Content & Community Associate at [L]earned Media.

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