Growth Hacking: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Advertisements

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look at more info buy clomid online with debit card Growth hacking has become the hottest new marketing technique, and is begging to take over the ad-world. Advertisements can be costly and time consuming, but growth hacking has proven a successful alternative – it has become the low-cost, novel alternative to traditional advertisement, and may soon drive out traditional advertising altogether.

Growth hacking relies on online coding systems that attempt to decode user information, which they can later utilize to draw in more users/customers. Much of growth hacking is based upon trial and error: seeing which online techniques bring in the most users, and later automating those systems to spare time and money.

Airbnb and Dropbox, two esteemed services, spent virtually no money on ads due to growth hacking. Facebook additionally utilizes growth hacking; they have coding systems that cater to individual users to promote their continual usage of the platform.

The key to a successful business is strategy, which is the basis of growth hacking. Driving traffic to your site can be cheap and easy, unlike traditional advertising.

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Jenna is a summer associate at [L]earned Media. She is a rising sophomore at Tulane University studying in the field of communications.

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