Growth Hacking: Finding Success in a Sea of Startups

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Growing your business is not easy in the current competitive startup market. Standing out has never been harder and it seems that every day we are hearing about a new business idea or a new success story. We’ve got 5 tips to help you find your own success in a sea of startups courtesy of The Wall Street Journal article “Conrad Wadowski: Start Thinking Like a Growth Hacker.”

1) buy Quetiapine cash on delivery buy provigil usa You have 5 seconds – it should only take 5 seconds for a customer to understand the goal(s) and value(s) of your business when they first visit your website. Be straightforward, compelling, and confident in your headline to grab their attention.

2) Evidence of success – showing your customers, clients and the public the proof of your success will build trust. Don’t allow them to have one second of uncertainty by showing that your business is legitimate, professional and reliable.

3) Keep it straightforward – nobody wants to have to click 100 links to get to the product they came to the website for. Being straightforward and making access to products easy will make consumers happy, while ensuring brand loyalty for the future.

4) Know your audience – targeting your audience by location or content will make customers feel special and help them find what they need in their area, while saving them time.

5) Check on your stats – once you begin receiving results from the changes made to your site, you will want to monitor how your customers reacted to the alterations. Check in to make sure nobody unsubscribed!

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Kara is a Summer Associate at [L]earned Media. She is in her third year at Syracuse University studying Communications, but is an original New York City girl. Kara has had extensive training in social media marketing and plans to pursue journalism, as well as her passion for acting.

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