Hypochondriacs Can Relax – Your Doctor Is Now In Your Pocket With DocChat

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We can all agree that getting actual face time with our doctors is a hassle. We arrange and rearrange our schedules to make an appointment, ask for time off work, and then have to commute to the doctor’s office. Inevitably, when we show up on time, they won’t see us for at least another hour. And when they finally let us in, the appointment only takes four minutes. Okay, maybe five.

Well, that’s all about to change.

Introducing useful site DocChat – an app that allows patients to get diagnosed and treated by a doctor through their phones or tablets. That’s right – hold onto those precious vacation days. Better yet, if it takes more than 15 minutes for a doctor to answer, the consultation is free. Doctors can even send prescriptions to pharmacies from the app. Talk about good service.

According to http://theweekendguide.com/how-to-try-forest-bathing/forest-bathing-square/?relatedposts=1 DocChat, there are two billion people in the world with smartphones, but most of them do not have access to healthcare. DocChat is a great way to provide healthcare professionals to assist you with any medical need.

It’s time to stop waiting! Whether you’re sick or not, download the app for iPhone or Android, and give it a shot. Flu shot, that is.

Ben Kaufman is a Content & Community Associate at [L]earned Media.

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