Instagram Ventures Back Into The World Of Startups With Bolt

By  |  0 Comments Can sending pictures and videos to your friends get any easier? Instagram seems to think so.

buy accutane in singapore This month they are rolling out their new startup app Bolt, which allows users to instantly send photos or short videos to their friends (think almost exactly like Snapchat). However, with this app,  all a user has to do is click on their friends faces at bottom of the screen and the content will instantly send- no more taking the photo, going through your list of friends and checking all that apply. Did you send your photo too soon? Not to worry! This app allows users to shake their phones to unsend a piece of content as well as reply to your friends with a text, photo, or video to apologize. 🙂

Instagram is confident that this app will be a success among the already crowded space which includes: Snapchat, Taptalk, & Mirage because it makes sharing just that much easier and quicker.

Excited to get started? Well, not so fast. They are only rolling out the product in Singapore, South Africa, and New Zealand until they work out all of the bugs. I guess you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.


Read more about Bolt and all of the features here:

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