Interview: CEO of Startup, SpreadsheetBooster

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try here anchor We interviewed the CEO of SpreadsheetBooster, Guido van Oorschot, to see what he’s been up to, and why his startup, SpreasheetBooster, is really “scratching an itch”.

VM101: When was your company founded?

SB: May, 2014


VM101: Please give a description of your business/application.

SB: SpreadsheetBooster allows you to access social media and competitive intelligence data directly into your spreadsheets. We currently offer access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube, Tumblr, Alexa, SimilarWeb & many more data sources.


VM101: How did you come up with the idea for your company?

SB: SpreadsheetBooster is really scratching an itch I had myself. In my previous jobs I needed to do a lot of competitive analyses getting competitive data from Alexa as well as social media profiles. This inspired me to start SpreadsheetBooster. With it I would have saved myself hours and hours of copying-and-pasting on a weekly basis.


VM101: What are 3 challenges you have overcome while developing your application?

SB: One challenge we had was to be comfortable launching early and making the choice to support Google Spreadsheets first before Excel. It’s hard to launch something that’s not fully finished yet, as your inner perfectionist wants to fix all the mistakes first. I’m glad we did launch early though as the feedback we got from our users has been incredibly useful and it makes sure you’re building the product your users actually want.


VM101: What do you see for the future of your company?

SB: We’re very excited to launch our official Google Sheets Add-on in the coming weeks. This will make the installation and use of our tool much easier. In parallel, we’re still adding new data sources weekly and getting ready to launch our Excel plugin.


VM101: What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started out?

SB: It’s very motivating to have real life users. While you’re building the initial product the things you build are in a vacuum and rather abstract. When you have real users though it becomes very clear very fast what you should focus your time on. Seeing that people are getting actual value from your tool and are relying on it is a great personal motivator too.


VM101: What business(es) do you look up to for inspiration for your own?

SB: It’s hard to get any more inspirational than the stuff that Elon Musk has been doing. On a smaller level, there are some SaaS companies that have been a huge inspiration. I really like what Baremetrics is doing – it might seem so easy from the outside, but they really are executing very well on a lot of fronts. Also the story of Danielle Morril with Mattermark is very cool and they too seem to have very strong execution.


VM101: What advice would you give other entrepreneurs trying to start a business?

SB: Launch something as soon as you can. Getting that validation and user feedback is so important. Also: don’t be shy to charge money early on already too for your app if people are getting real value from it.


VM101: Please share some fun facts about your business that the general public might not know.

SB: We hid some cool Easter eggs in our product – go ahead and try to find them for yourself.

Katie is a Content & Community Manager at [L]earned Media. Before joining, Katie led social media and community management for real estate start-up, Katie graduated from Tufts University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Art History.

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