Introducing Wakie: The First Social Alarm Clock

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sort buy modalert We never imagined our social tools would carry over to the bedroom quite like this… Introducing Wakie, the new “social alarm clock,” revolutionizing the way we wake up in the morning by creating “a community of people waking people.”

fund pyridium cost The app is available for free on iPhone, Android and Windows, and it’s easy to use. Upon entering your phone number, age and gender, you’ll receive a verification call from Wakie. You’ll have the option to set an alarm or to wake up someone else on the app. If you choose to set an alarm for 7:00 AM, you’ll receive a call from another Wakie member at 7:00 AM. propose We know what you’re thinking – the last thing you want at 7:00 AM is a stranger waking you up. But, come on, which is more rousing: a swipe of your finger on your phone screen, or a quick chat with a real person you don’t know? It’s worth a test, right? Elaine thinks so. In fact, all of Seinfeld agrees. Don’t worry, Wakie’s got you covered with no strings attached. Phone numbers are neither visible nor exchanged, and calls are only 60 seconds long.  At the 50-second mark, you’ll get a 10-second warning. At the end of the minute your call is automatically disconnected.

diversify If the app can’t find a person to wake you up, it will direct a robot your way with a pre-recorded message. If you think about it, you’re likely to be woken up by someone in a different timezone, so expect early morning conversations with alluring accents when you download Wakie. Just like that, you have new friends all over the world.

other It’s one new way jumpstart your day. Learn more about Wakie, and download it here today!

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