Just Dance Now Breaks Big with a Breakdown in London

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buy Lyrica online cheap uk where to buy gabapentin online We’re no longer running off to the arcade with how many games are at our fingertips. But, when we do, it’s for dance games, because they’re difficult to replicate through mobile technology (and, not to mention, a lot of fun). That’s why the launch of Just Dance Now 2015 is exciting news.

Last month, when the game appeared on display screens above Piccadilly Circus, a busy square in the heart of London, the whole crowd was quick to join in. Piccadilly Circus transformed into an actual circus within moments, with costumed folk emerging in synchronized fashion following the move-master’s lead.

What better way to bring a dance game to the public than with an flash mob?

The group, organized by Just Dance and Coca-Cola, showed the mobile game to be as immersive as any dance floor, as even casual passers-by gave in to their inner groove and joined the fun. Watch the video here, and we bet you’ll start dancing, too.

Give yourself a chance to whip out the dance floor wherever you are, and download Just Dance Now from the App Store or at Google Play!

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