Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver Asks Brands To Be A Bit Smarter On Social Media

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In one of our last week’s post, we covered DiGiorno’s Marketing Mishap where they tweeted a not so smart post using the trending hashtag #WhyIStayed. This hashtag was a meant for victims of domestic violence to share their stories after the NFL’s Ray Rice scandal, and buy finasteride generic cheap topamax not meant to be used by brands to join in on this very personal conversation.

Well, in last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Oliver brought light to the issue of brands joining into conversations they have no right to be joining into on social. He stated, “Look companies, your silence is never going to be controversial. “No one will ever go, ‘I can’t believe it. Skittles didn’t tweet about 9-11 yesterday, they must support terrorism. I’m never eating them again.’”

Because of the idiocy of brands (dont worry, not all!), Oliver wants to create a pact by having them tweet this pledge: #WeUnderstandThatAsCorporateEntitiesOurPresenceInCertainDiscussionsIsNotAlwaysRequired SoWeWillStriveToLimitOurActivitiesToJustSellingYouShit. The hashtag is exactly 140 characters long allowing brands to not “screw it up”. He also mentioned that for any brand who shared the hashtag they would retweet them- that’s guaranteed earned media!

As of now, Last Week Tonight’s Twitter account has retweeted 5 brands who have all joined in, however over 1000 individual people have tweeted it. Will you be the 6th? (We think you should!)

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