Learn How Bad Weather Sparked a Billion Dollar Startup Idea

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Weather, traditionally a go-to topic for awkward small talk, became a bit more important to David Friedberg. On his way home from work, he realized that numerous businesses were affected by weather each year – 70% to be exact.  This is how his billion dollar idea was born: Friedberg would create an insurance service that helped supplement companies’ income when bad weather was on the forecast.

The Climate Corporation now provides weather-based income protection for farmers all over the country with great success.  Friedberg described his process and all that he learned throughout.  Below are the five vital points he laid out for all looking to gain entrepreneurial success.

1. where to buy dapoxetine in the philippines Keppra purchase canada Wanting to create a successful startup essentially means nothing. This is not a chicken or the egg argument; It is cut and dry.  To have a successful startup, you must first have a problem that needs to be solved or a service that is untapped.

2. Remove luck from the equation. According to Friedberg, “When you say you got lucky, you got lucky because you didn’t know what was going to happen.” While every business has some sort of risk, you need to eliminate as much of it as you can.

3. Rise and Grind.  Figuring out how to go from point A to B requires a ton of hard work. Friedberg says, “You have to be brutally self-honest and self-aware as you go through this process. We’ve had to change what we’re doing and how we’re doing it so many times during the development of this business.”

4. See results and keep innovating.  In Friedberg’s words, “The big difference is, when you’re running a startup, you’re not just looking to take that first flight. It’s your job to do it over and over again.”

5. These billion dollar problems won’t ever stop surfacing.  Some believe that there is no more room for good ideas in Silicon Valley, but Friedberg suggests that we just aren’t looking hard enough. Don’t just re-purpose an old idea and hope to pick up speed, find your own to solve that will help the world to move forward.

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