Marketing Your Management Skills

By  |  0 Comments Who knew that in order to work in management you would need skills in marketing? writes that is it important “knowing what skill-sets, capabilities and aptitudes to invest in and which not to – throughout the course of your career.” After all, you want ROI for your time trying to learn these skills.

If you’re in management, your job is to make an influence on those you’re managing. You want to be knowledgeable on what they’re currently working on, invest yourself in their projects as if they were your own, and positively influence them to make more of an effort. Building a personal brand within the work place is now what the workplace demands of you as a leader, and “to establish individual distinction but also distinction as a team by collectively determining the right formula to work in concert with one another.” Sounds like the perfect situation to us.

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Kara is a Summer Associate at [L]earned Media. She is in her third year at Syracuse University studying Communications, but is an original New York City girl. Kara has had extensive training in social media marketing and plans to pursue journalism, as well as her passion for acting.

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