McDonald’s New Move Into the Digital World

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cheapest place to buy viagra online McDonald’s has been taking over the fast-food industry for as long as we can remember. Now, their latest goal is to make their company technologically savvy. McDonald’s recently hired experts for their new team which consists of engineers from PayPal, Facebook, AOL, and Yahoo. These engineers couldn’t pass up an opportunity to start up McDonald’s new digital presence. Who can blame them? They plan to hire at least 20 more onto the team, too. A McDonald’s spokesperson says, “Opening a digital hub in San Francisco is one of the first steps on our journey to drive our global digital vision to bring a new level of everyday convenience and fun to the world…we want a presence in the heart of the tech community enabling us to attract world class talent.”

Sounds like it’s the beginning to a long journey. We’ll have to wait and see what happens! Click here to read more about McDonald’s digital plans.

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