Meet That Special Someone With Startup App, View N Me

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have a peek at this website click over here now We’ve all experienced that terrible first date where you just want give up on dating once and for all. Why continue to put yourself through that? Or worse, allow yourself to be in a position where you could get “catfished”? Startup application, View N Me, has our backs. View N Me eliminates the chance for stretching the truth on your online dating profile. It eliminates the mystery factor of a blind first date where you may or may not end up meeting prince charming, or that creepy guy from across the hall. View N Me gives you the opportunity to make your first date a video chat! In the comfort of your own home, you can video chat with your match and decide for yourself if they actually are that 10 they described in their dating profile.

So, ladies and gentleman, hold on to your dignity and download View N Me here. Love could be on the other end of your phone…

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