MillerCoors Partners with 26 Different Tech Companies to Test Branded Content

By  |  0 Comments MillerCoors, a partnership that started in 2007 and the company responsible for providing us with beers like Coors Light, Miller Lite, and Blue Moon, is working hard to take it’s branded content initiative to a whole new level. According to Contently, MillerCoors is partnering with 26 different tech companies, each company with a specific tactic to reach a different pain point for beer drinkers. Stevie Benjamin, the senior director of digital and media at MillerCoors, told Contently that they made a list of business problems starting with “I wish I could,” and then found partners to run 26 different tests. Their goal is to focus lower-funny marketing to be closer to the point of purchase. An example is MillerCoors’ partnership with iBeacon to “ping” consumers on their smartphones when they are near a large event or a limited time deal at a bar or restaurant. As competition for loyalty of younger demographics increases, MillerCoors is doing whatever they can to build long-lasting relationships with their consumers. For more information, click here to read the full article.

Ben Kaufman is a Content & Community Associate at [L]earned Media.

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