Move It with Moovit

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Are you tired of looking at subway or bus maps to plan your route? Thanks to the new public transit app,  he has a good point Moovit, you no longer have to. Mayor Bloomberg himself  can you buy furosemide over the counter said, “Moovit revolutionizes using public transportation.”

Supporting more than 400 cities, Moovit promises to find you the fastest, least crowded travel routes in real-time. There are guides available specifically for iPhone, Android and Windows users on its website.

Here’s a general breakdown of the convenient services Moovit offers its users. For starters, you’ll see a live map once you open the app. You can tap on transit icons and get a glance at the arrival times. Real times are shown in red while any estimates are shown in black. This means no longer waiting on a subway platform or at a bus stop for an extra half hour. (We all know time is precious!) You’ll also receive alerts on service changes, route alterations, station closures, and more. 

Next, Moovit makes it easy to plan your trip by allowing you to select the most efficient and convenient route at the touch of a button. Navigation throughout the city is given to you step-by-step, including the walking portions. Move over, Google Maps, this app is stepping up its game.

What if you already know your routes? No big deal – Moovit has a cool feature called “Ride Mode,” which gives you information around your arrival. Ever have someone nag you about how long it’ll take you to meet up with them? You now have the option of sharing your ETA with your friends. All you need to do is click the “Share with Friends” button while you’re in “Ride Mode,” and it’s sent via Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. Not too shabby.

Once you become a frequent Moovit user, you can let the app know your common routes. Do this by simply “favoriting” them, and labeling them as your work or home locations. This saves the hassle of having to redo the trip, planning like any good GPS would. In addition, you’ll receive personalized alerts regarding service around your “favorite” lines.

Think this might be an app for you? Hey, it’s free, so we’ll say yes. Give it a try, and download Moovit onto your phone today. Soon you’ll be singing, “I like to Moovit! Moovit!”

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