Nationwide Ending Super Bowl Commercial Hiatus with Mindy Kaling Ad

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For the first time since 2007, where can you buy viagra online using paypal Nationwide stepped back into the ring of buy viagra online canadian pharmacy Super Bowl advertising. However, instead of Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning, as spokesperson, they decided to go with Mindy Kaling, the star of Fox sitcom “The Mindy Project”.

A recent ad teaser depicts Kaling’s impression that others treat her as if she were invisible. She decides to embrace her invisibility with a dash of humor by taking food off of someone’s plate, sunbathing nude in the park, eating buckets of ice cream in a grocery aisle and walking through a car wash.

According to Nationwide CMO, Matt Jauchius, customers often feel like companies treat them as if they don’t exist. The idea behind the ad is to express Nationwide’s understanding of customers in a comedic fashion. Hey, you got to give the people the humor they expect at Super Bowl time, right?

Kaling, herself, will assist the insurance organization’s outreach efforts. Her 3.6 million Twitter followers of mostly millennials is a testament to her influence, so Nationwide made a strategic decision to bring her on board.

Be sure to keep an eye out for this commercial on Super Bowl Sunday. For more on what Jauchius and Kaling have to say about the ad-making experience, check out the full Adweek article here.

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