New App Has People Saying “Put it on my HouseTab!”

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buy injection phenergan What if you could optimize the connection between your venue and its customers through technology to enhance their experience and allow them one hell of a night out? HouseTab is changing the way people interact in night life with each other and with the venues, themselves.

tinidazole over the counter walgreens HouseTab was founded in 2011 by professionals from industries that span many verticals, including hospitality, digital media and finance. These professionals created an app that allows party-goers to meet up with friends, pay without requesting a check and send friends a round on you.

Wondering why you wouldn’t just walk up to the bar and order the round? Because you don’t need to be at the bar. Simply send a “goodie” with your phone, and HouseTab will take care of the rest. No more waiting for the waiter to come by to get the check. With the press of the “Get Up and Go” button, one can pay the tab and continue to hit on the opposite sex.

What other advantages does HouseTab offer venues?  Owners can place their business on the HouseTab map so customers can find it. Additionally, they have the option to offer personalized incentives to newcomers or VIPs. HouseTab also provides access to customer data and analytics, so they can create promotions and future loyalty programs.

Redefining convenience is the name of the game. The founders call it, “mobile payments with a social twist.” For more info on how HouseTab works and what if has to offer, visit their website.


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