Nixie Soars to Victory at Intel’s Tech Challenge

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topamax purchase canada The next big thing in wearable technology happens to be a tiny drone. Nixie is a prototype that flies near the user and captures moments from a unique perspective. Team Nixie worked their way up to winning Intel’s Make it Wearable competition – oh, and a measly $500,000.

next page We previously took our photos and videos with a smartphone, GoPro or (sigh),  the “Selfie stick”. Nixie offers the same service, but with a new perspective. It clings to your wrist like a watch, then launches off like a helicopter, capturing photos and videos of you from a distance. Unlike former products, Nixie is not attached to the user, so one can be completely immersed in the moment, while photos and video are being taken.

So far, Nixie’s intro video has racked up over 3 million views. Nixie plans to market the product primarily to extreme sports enthusiasts before branching out to a broader audience.

Nixie’s victory concluded a 9-month competition hosted by Intel, during which teams of competitors invented their own prototypes and presented them to a panel of judges.

The second place award and $200,000 went to Open Bionics, a British team that designed a robotic prosthetic hand at a reduced cost. The third place award and $100,000 prize was given to ProGlove, a wearable tool that expedites the professional production process.

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