Our Top 5 Super Bowl XLIX Ads

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According to a order Clomiphene from canada Super Bowl Survey conducted by cheap topamax online Lab42, more Super Bowl viewers prefer to watch the commercials over the actual game – and we don’t blame them.

A record-breaking 114.5 million people watched the game this year, over 2 million more than last year. As much as this year’s showdown kept us all on the edge of our seats, most still find the commercials more entertaining, even over Katy Perry’s halftime show. At $4.5 million per :30 slot, more than double in price of a :30 time slot during the Academy Awards, brands capitalize on the opportunity to make their ads memorable. So, here’s a list of the top 5 Super Bowl XLIX ads that did it for us.

5) Doritos – “Middle Seat”

Over 4,900 people competed in the annual Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest, in which competitors submit a :30 Doritos commercial. The winners receive $1 million, a “dream job” at Universal Pictures and their ad shown during the Super Bowl. “Middle Seat,” produced by Scott Zabielski, was one of the two winners. Zabielski produced a hilarious video about an airplane passenger deterring others from sitting in the “middle seat”, until an attractive women comes along of course.

“Creative, bold, and original” is what Ram Krishnan, CMO at Frito-Lay North America, had to say of the commercial – and we agree.

4) Nationwide – “Invisible”

Not unsurprising, this funny ad stars Mindy Kaling as she’s struck with the epiphany that she is invisible. Her response? She decides to embrace it, until an unforeseen twist (pun, intended!), when Matt Damon enters the scene. This ad was more upbeat in comparison to its morbid counterpart ad, which received plenty of Twitter backlash. “Invisible” was a crafty way Nationwide’s team attempted to show an emotional understanding of their customers. More insight on the thought process behind the ad can be found in our previous article.

3) Toyota – “My Bold Dad”

Ad Meter calls it “Dadvertising,” referring to the display of dad-focused commercials that run during the Super Bowl. Toyota was one of the “Dadvertisers” that gave an emotional depiction of a father raising his daughter before letting her embark on a journey. Ad Age categorized this as one of the tear-jerker Super Bowl Ads this year. You’ll notice that this commercial doesn’t promote the car as much it proves how well they know their audience. Fantastic production, if you ask us.

2) Fiat – “Blue Pill”

“Bigger, more powerful, and ready for action” were claims the auto dealership made of it’s new FIAT 500X. This, of course, took place after the car received a “special blue pill” that was meant for someone else. What made this ad original was the way it took the popular ad notion of “sex sells” and put their spin on it.

1) Budweiser – “Lost Dog”

The Patriots aren’t the only ones feeling victorious. Budweiser has reached the top of USATODAY’s Ad Meter rankings for the past three Super Bowls. This year’s ad featured an adorable dog who wanders from his owner’s ranch and winds up getting lost. With the help of his muscular Clydesdale buddies, the puppy gets rescued from a wolf and is able to find its way home safely. “Lost Dog” has a very similar style and emotional appeal like last year’s “Puppy Love,” which had also topped the Ad Meter rankings for Budweiser. Brian Perkins, Budweiser Vice President, reasoned for the theme with the familiar phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Touché, Mr. Perkins.

In total, there were 61 commercials. Let us know your insight by commenting below and sharing with us some of your favorite ads.

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