Peter Shankman Marketing for Sleep Number Beds

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where can i buy viagra in dallas Typically, you see a random face in infomercials that market products. You immediately feel disconnected and ignore or flip the channel. Sleep Number collaborated with Angel Investor and Entrepreneur Peter Shankman to review the new Sleep Number SleepIQ bed in this YouTube video; he gets exposure, they get a genuine review (not to mention that he got the bed itself for free). Shankman talks about his busy lifestyle and how the Sleep Number bed contributes to a better sleep, therefore making him more productive. He also talks about his triathlon training and how exercise requires a good night sleep, which he gets with the SleepIQ bed. So, why would Shankman want to be a part of this? The answer is simple: his name is getting great exposure, he got a free bed and they made him look great in the video (who wouldn’t want to associate with a positive person like Peter after that video?)

Click here to watch the video yourself.

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