RadioShack Collaborating With Startups

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link Big brands are constantly looking to work with startups to gain that edge in the startup market. By teaming up with the smaller startups, they are accessing parts of an industry that they wouldn’t normally confront if they did not work together. Why wouldn’t they team up? It’s clearly win-win on both sides of the equation. A clear example of this is RadioShack teaming up with PCH International to create RadioShack Labs, a new collaboration that is going to take several startup innovations and provide production and distribution for the vendors to bring idea to reality. Furthering that strategy, RadioShack offered PCH International prime real estate on their website to feature their products and moreover, created a retail strategy that requires less inventory and more turnover. Not a bad deal, right?

As writes, “It’s long been our belief that innovation and collaboration go hand-in-hand. As we transform RadioShack, it’s important that we simplify and streamline the channels that encourage inventors and entrepreneurs to join us in the retail environment,” said Joe Magnacca, chief executive officer of RadioShack.

Creating a friendly relationship between bigger names and smaller businesses has endless advantages. As for RadioShack and PCH International’s plan, we have to wait and see how their strategy plays out in the next coming months.

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