Revamp Your Ride With These Devices

By  |  0 Comments buy Keppra 500 mg Get ready to insert some new devices into the onboard diagnostics, OBD-II, port. Mojio and Automatic bring many useful capabilities to the table, such as diagnostics of fuel usage and driving habits.

Mojio is a device for almost any car that provides insight into what happens under the hood and behind the wheel. Some of these features include: notifications if your car is being towed or stolen, GPS function, and trip and fuel statistics.

Automatic is an award-winning car adapter and app that is compatible with iPhones, Androids and the web. Automatic can provide driving feedback on actions like rough braking, speeding and rapid acceleration. Like Mojio, Automatic gives detailed info about trips. It’s even capable of sending crash alerts to an agent in emergencies.

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