Skybox Purchased by Google – Talk About A Takeover

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link Here, we talk about big brands and small startups all the time. But this one is an especially big brand (Google) purchasing the startup Skybox, a satellite imaging company for a pretty penny – $500 million dollars. Pocket change, right?

orlistat tablets usa Google’s reason for the purchase of the startup was to have more accuracy in their maps and better quality imaging. Furthermore, Google wants to explore the route of disaster relief and they believe acquiring Skybox will help them achieve this.  In the article containing the news, “Google Confirms Purchase of Satellite Startup Skybox Imaging For $500M” , Ingrid Lunden writes, “Some of that disaster relief work comes under a business division at Google called ‘Earth Enterprise,’ which provides mapping data for large organizations, institutions and businesses”.

To read more of the details and commentary from Google & Skybox, click here.

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