Startup Founders: Check Out These Helpful Hacks For Your Next Presentation

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where to buy Keppra 500 mg Presentations are tough. In particular, making the presentation. Founders of startups are busy with so many things to do, especially with starting your business, that finding time to make an elaborate presentation is tough.

However, thanks to the SlideShare Blog, they provide us with useful tips and hints to saving time making your next presentation! Take notes founders, here are some ways to shave some time when you need to give a presentation.

  1. “Good Enough” is better than none.

Keep it simple with your presentations! No need to try and be elaborate, especially if you are not working with a design team.

  1. Emulate Simple Design

According to some SlideShare users, simple fonts can really make your deck stand out. For example, sans-serif font with a nice, contrasting background can really make your deck look great!

  1. Use Online Apps to Speed up Your Process

As much as we all want to be Photoshop experts, that is sadly not the case. Using apps from websites like Pixlr and Canva can really help out your deck.

  1. Re-Use Existing Material and Resources

From SlideShare’s presentation, Re-Present, they inform us that we can simply use existing content as a form of repurposing for your presentation. Just make sure to cite the source!

  1. Keep a Visual Resource Library

In this day and age, we all clearly have access to lots of pictures on the Internet. To save yourself time in the future, keep stock of the photos you really like on your computer, and save your self the time searching on the Internet.

  1. Keep a Consistent Look With a Template

While its commendable to use different templates for each slideshow, keep it simple and stick with the same design! While it saves you time and trouble not having to look for a design, it also keeps a common theme for all your work.

Thanks SlideShare for the helpful tips! Keep these in mind for your next presentation!

Ben Kaufman is a Content & Community Associate at [L]earned Media.

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