Startup Partnering With More Startups

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have a peek at this website The startup Partnered doesn’t discriminate against other startups – they are helping others to get work. They want to help brands connect with startups to help complete tasks. TechCrunch writes, “Brands and agencies will post goals that they need help with and startups that focus on those issues can then respond. They’ve brokered about 60 partnerships between startups and brands in the last three months.”

Seroquel cheap Companies will be able to complete their goals and Partnered connects them to the right startup to do the job. “The company has worked with brands like AllSaints and startups like Sumpto, a college influencer network that was able to connect with a large apparel brand,” according to TechCrunch. Although Partnered is young, they’re already connecting big brands with the right helpers. After all, startups should stick together!

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