Startup Sustain Is Revolutionizing The Way You Think About Condoms

By  |  0 Comments When going to buy your condoms, you’re probably not thinking about where they are made, what they are made with, or the overall social issues of our country and abroad. Well, new condom company Sustain Condoms is here to change that.

click over here Sustain creates a sustainable condom (pun intended), meaning they are fair trade, vegan, not tested on animals, a B-Corp, and non-GMO.  By obtaining all of these certifications, they are creating a product that connects its’ customers to the world at large including social issues such as hunger, health care, poverty, and climate change. For example they don’t support pollution and child labor by using only non-toxic fair wage rubber plantations, and they protect animals by electronically testing their condoms.

If that’s not enough for you to buy them, for every condom that is purchased, 10% of the profits support women’s reproductive health care.

Shouldn’t you feel good about buying your condoms? You can- buy them here.

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