Storytelling for Startups: When Science and Fiction Collide

By  |  0 Comments buy pfizer viagra online usa Google creative lab’s Robert Wong released a new video from Future of StoryTelling to help shed light on the importance of the symbiotic relationship between art and technology. It is clear that technology has and always will influence art, but Wong illuminates the idea that storytelling can actually help to move science and technology forward. He explains how vital a compelling story is for a new product and even goes as far to say that a compelling story is almost as, if not more important, than the product itself. Technology can’t just be awesome in itself anymore; it needs a great story to pair along with it.

Wong and his team utilized the storytelling concept in the beginning stages of Google Glass. They created a story that helped to dictate and inspire what the product would actually do in the future. While Wong is showing this concept on a macro level, it is important for startups to understand that the collision of art and technology can lead to exponential growth in both areas. Furthermore, creating compelling stories as to why your product or service will be essential to the masses is more than half the battle.

To learn more and watch The Fiction of the Science, click here.

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