The Next Line Of “Smart” Products Is Here

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can you buy Premarin over the counter in dubai their explanation There’s the Smartphone, the Smartwatch, and even Smart cars. One would think we are running out of products to make smart, right? Guess again! Introducing the Smart Notebook, launched by Moleskine.

This is exciting news for all designers out there. All you need is a Smart Notebook, a writing utensil, an iPhone and the Adobe companion app. You draw a simple sketch in the notebook within the four anchor points at each corner, which help align the image. Next, you use your iPhone and, with the companion app, snap a photo of it. The app then converts the hand-drawn sketch into an editable SVG file so you can continue working on it in the digital landscape. It’s that easy.

Not only is the Smart Notebook easy to use with its minimal setup requirements, but also offers a much cheaper product than the $2,000 Wacom’s Cintiq 22HD Interactive Pen Display tablet. Furthermore, there’s no hassle with having to use a flatbed or hand scanner. The Smart Notebook recognizes detail well, and is even capable of operating in dim lighting.

Designers would essentially be possessing a quality digital drawing tablet that can be used whenever, wherever. And this is only the beginning. Moleskine is just credited with producing the first Smart Notebook on the market. Props to Moleskine for their innovative contribution.

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