The ROI of Social

By  |  0 Comments How does one know if they’re getting a good ROI on their use of social media? In the presentation, “How to Determine the ROI of Anything“, Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of Vayner Media, says that it’s an individual experience for a person. How does he portray this? Through pictures and situations explaining the ROI of things for different people. For example, Vaynerchuk presented the difference on the ROI of a piano for him versus Elton John; his ROI was $26.50 given to him by people paying him to stop playing, and Elton John’s ROI was $400 million dollars. Different people should expect different levels of ROI depending on their expertise in the area. Vaynerchuk ends the presentation with the line, “ROI is never about the tool. ROI is about the MECHANIC using the tool.” By this, he means it does not matter what product you are marketing – it is about the person marketing the product. It doesn’t matter if you have the best invention in the world, unless you use social media and marketing to get your product out there.

To see the presentation yourself, click here.

Kara is a Summer Associate at [L]earned Media. She is in her third year at Syracuse University studying Communications, but is an original New York City girl. Kara has had extensive training in social media marketing and plans to pursue journalism, as well as her passion for acting.

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