The Second Wave of Fitness Ingenuity Is Among Us

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look at this website take a look at the site here Many top-notch athletes and others who exercise use fitness trackers, and yet, aren’t fully satisfied. Let’s face it, first generation trackers lack the quality and efficiency to accurately understand what workouts people are doing and at which intensity.

Introducing the second wave of fitness trackers: new trackers like Up3, Basis Peak, Atlas and Moov claim to have the capacity to actually recognize people’s workouts.

Amiigo, another tracker, takes a unique approach to gather data. Rather than predict the workouts the user is implementing, it learns the workout and asks the user to tag it for future reference. Its readings are more accurate, as it uses devices that analyze both upper and lower body movements. It also has the capacity to measure skin temperatures, blood levels and oxygen levels.

Medical professionals have to stay in-the-know, as these devices are capable of synchronizing fitness data more accurately with medical records. Startups and ambitious developers have the opportunity to create awesome new products that could change the future of medicine.

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